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Leading with Equity - Are you a "Hosting Leader"? (Part 2)

We continue the theme of "Hosting Leader" from last week and look a next piece from Margaret Wheatley's "Leadership in an Age of Complexity: From Hero to Host" (MW)

  • [R]eflect back to people on a regularbasis how they’re doing, what they’re accomplishing, how farthey’ve journeyed

By the end of the day on Friday, we'd gotten here. Along the way were times for individual work, small groups huddles, and large group check-ins to discuss progress, course correct, and suggestions from the team. As we concluded the day, we took a moment to reflect on our week. The overwhelming feeling was one of enjoying the journey we'd taken to get to know one another better, co-create an end product that we are happy with, and deepen the sense that we are a team that works well together.

In addition, we did two important foundational pieces for us as a team. One was a "Paseo". This is a protocol from the National School Reform Faculty to consider how our personal identities impact us. It also allowed us to take a step in being more vulnerable with one another. A second grounding component for us was the use of a "Relationship, Process, and Product" tool, from my coach Ken Yale, to look at our agenda's balance from this frame. As a result, Coordinators decided to put the Paseo into Monday and move a few things around in order have their teams get to know themselves better. This afternoon they reported amazing times of sharing during our debrief of Day 1 with our entire MS team. My next step tomorrow, is to once again provide us with an opportunity to reflect on how we're so far on this journey.

In my second blog, I talked about a passion for learning. This past week I got paid for learning about an amazing group of people and the processes that facilitated us getting two quality weeks of adult learning and preparation planned. These are the experience I relish in learning with and from and team.

The next blog will look at a trajectory for Equitable & Productive Communities. The Paseo this past week was the launch of this. Stay tuned.

How does this fit with your leadership? What questions come up for you as you read this and consider your own leadership practice?

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