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As a social justice and equity educator, my aspiration is for each young person to develop to their full academic and social potential with & within a learning community; and with the learner taking greater responsibility for this actualization over time.

Thomas, summer 2020 & influenced by NEP


Thomas' artifacts demonstrate expertise across VI domains of educational leadership: 

  • Mission-Centered Leadership & Management

  • Leadership in Culture, Community, & Wellbeing

  • Leading Curriculum & Pedagogy

  • Managing Professional Growth & Creating Agency

  • Ensuring Effective Professional Development of Self & Others

  • Integrated Resource Management

VI Domains of Educational Leadership Expertise

Our Services

Mission-Centered Leadership & Management

An aspirational equity-based mission with aligned measurable goals and distributed leadership are hallmarks of Thomas' practice of working with all stakeholders

Culture, Community & Wellbeing

Thomas facilitates the conditions for an equitable community through listening, consistency, and empowering others to act in support of student wellbeing.

Leading Curriculum & Pedagogy

As a constructivist and equity educator, he supports systems to craft student curricular experiences with choice, voice, rigor and self-reflection

Professional Growth & Agency

"Me PD" was an aspect Thomas fostered in 19-20 for teachers to self-direct their learning based on their annual goals

Professional Development of Self & Others

Along side his teachers, Thomas earned a Google Level II Educator and Apple Teacher certifications while also providing robust learning opportunities for adults

Integrated Resource Management

Aligned human capital, budgets, facilities and operations based in equity make possible the academic and cultural achievements in Thomas' work 

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