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Many people are doing deep and important work in the confluence of Equity, Social Justice, Schooling, and personal growth. My hope is to connect with and to folks "in the arena" of this messy Equity and Social Justice work that is first about ourselves and

then about changing the world.  Some of them are friends I've worked with in the past and others are doing good work I want to connect with.  In the beginning, there will be some organization but it will grow over time always with the goal of finding things easily.

The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman

This poem is one of the most powerful pieces of verse and English oratory that I have heard in some time and it is worthy of remembrance.  Delivered: January 20,  2021

Living White Supremacy by Eva Kellogg

I really enjoy her personal style that is reflective and powerful and hits our need to work on White Supremacy.  I worked with Eva when she was at Aspire Wilson Prep in East Oakland.  Published: July 2020

What are you? by Paula Thomas & Stacy Thomas

As a mixed racial man, these podcasts speak to me powerfully.  Also, I worked with Stacy Thomas while at Aspire Golden State Prep and his perspective is always one I listen to and admire.

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