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Why I'm starting a Blog about Equity in Educational Leadership?

I’m terrified to start publicly blogging and engaging in conversations about equity, education, educational leadership, personal/professional growth and power that's open to critique. Nevertheless, I want to do this because it hurts and is scary to be all alone facing so much stuff with immoral leaders dividing us or heroes wanting to fix us.

You may feel similarly questioning "Where is my voice in this cacophony of sounds/noise and experiences? What would I say? Is my voice even worthy of being heard" I feel ya and am trembling too. However, having been a part of and a leader with engaged and reflective communities working together equitably to become the change we want to see in the world (MG), I am humbly emboldened to try to articulate a voice and truly listen to that of others toward equitable relationships and a just world.

These blogs are about ideas that engage me:

  • How do we lead schools equitably in VUCA situations like COVID-19 and Racial Injustice toward Justice?

  • What does equity look like in the messy day to day environment of running a school?

  • How does one lead a quality life?

Knowing a little about me also gives additional context about my "why?". The professional part is on my resume page. However, in the next blog I'll share a bit about me personally to deepen our acquaintance and your sense of where I'm coming from.

How are you engaging in EQUITY?

Please respectfully engage and comment; suggest and offer point or counterpoint with humility. Together, toward equity is both the journey our destination.

Thomas - July 2020

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