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This Space / My Hopes

July 2020 with latest revisions in April-2022

Since I was about 20 years old, my guiding question has been:

What is living a quality life?"


This space is about exploring that question with:

  • A willingness to be daring greatly and be worthy (not perfect) so we put ourselves out there with appropriate vulnerability

  • A commitment to live closer and closer to our potential as leaders, friends, wives, husbands, daughters, sons, colleagues, and humans

  • An unshakable belief that equity and justice is achievable

  • A focus on schools and school leadership with an inside out perspective

  • Breadmaking as a hobby and a gift for neighbors

Therefore, this site seeks to share and connect eclectic and diverse ideas, conversations, and pieces of work to encourage reflection and change so each of us continually becomes more compassionate, wise, and aware of our interrelatedness, dynamics and impact.  In other words, living an ever-increasing quality life.


Like me, this space proposes to continually become one to:  

  • Foster daring greatly to live our lives fully both professionally and personally

  • Consult, eventually, in educational spaces

  • Coach and counsel in some future

  • Play with bread and breadmaking as a hobby and maybe a future more serious endeavor


Create spaces to listen & speak, reflect & re-imagine toward living wholeheartedly, equity, justice and thriving for all


Actively listen and take action in educational spaces so they become more equitable and just places of learning for all

DESIGN & Re-Design

Via coaching & counseling be with folks to dare greatly in designing and re-designing their lives, relationships, dynamics, and possibilities

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